Update from Jan. 15 City Council meeting

The City Council unanimously rejected the request to allow a special use permit for a solar farm. While the concept of a solar farm is good , there are better locations available which would not be adjacent to residential properties.

The Council approved a union contract with the City Inspectors. I was in the opposition ,

The wage increases were way out of line with other unions contacts. The increases that begin May 1 range from 7% to 15%.

While this contract was forced on the City by an arbitrator, I could not in good conscience support such large increases.

The budget process has been moved back to begin February 5. I will keep you updated on the discussions.

The Public Services committee meets next Tuesday , January 22 at 6 pm. I will update on the agenda for that meeting later this week.

Thank you.  As always, contact me if you have comments or concerns.

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