Update from City Council Meeting Feb. 5, 2019

Acting Mayor Williams presented his budget proposals for 2019-2020 at the city council meeting Tuesday evening.

He’s recommending the hiring of three new police officers to create a problem oriented policing program. This is a good idea and will have my full support.

Additionally he is suggesting hiring a Police Chief. as well as a Fire Chief. I believe that we need to change the leadership structure in our public safety divisions and this proposal merits further consideration.

Acting Mayor Williams is proposing several tax increases. 
He would create a $50 fee on every business in the city of Danville. The hotel motel tax would increase 2% and there would be $100 per machine additional tax on gaming machines for both the local provider and the franchise holder of the machines.

As always I take a very cautious view of any tax increases I will review the entire budget thoroughly before supporting any tax increases.

There seemed to be a consensus among the City Council members that would support waiting until after the election to vote on the city budget. I believe that doing this will keep political considerations out of the deliberations.

I’ve also insisted that the positions of fire chief, police chief and corporate counsel positions not be filled until after the Mayoral. election.

The person that the people choose for Mayor should have the final decision on these three important positions.

I will keep updating as the discussions continue.

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