Let’s come together and make the City of Danville work for you.

dsc00917As an elected representative of Ward 6 in Danville, I don’t work for the city government, I work for the people of my ward.  As mayor, I will take that commitment a step further.  Not only will I work for you, I will be sure our city government works for you.

Danville is a great place to live because we have many, many wonderful people who are willing to come together and give of their time and money to make it great. Through not-for-profits, service organizations, religious organizations, private foundations and the army of volunteers that power them we have accessible playgrounds, an active downtown, support for those in need, a symphony orchestra, numerous community theater groups and a community-based focus on solving the problems that do exist.  The City’s role should be to be involved, when needed, to support their work.

Danville has a growing industrial, service and retail base that needs well-trained, reliable employees.  By working with economic development groups, the community college and area labor organizations we need to continue to train and expand that employee base, allowing continued growth.  Again, the City needs to support this effort, not stand in the way of employers-big or small.

The City has spent a great deal of time in recent years focusing on itself – our form of government, our employees, city pensions, our budget.  It’s time we focus on our citizens and the businesses and organizations that keep this community strong.

I ask for your support and for your vote for Mayor in the election on April 2, 2019.

Let’s come together and make the City of Danville work for you.

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