Danville is a great place to live. I believe that we can do a better job of defining ourselves in relation to what we offer as compared to other communities.  It’s important for us to capitalize on the great cultural and physical attributes that our city enjoys.

I believe the mayor’s primary responsibility is to pursue policies that enhance our citizen’s quality of life and position the city to attract and retain business and residents.

Fiscal accountability

A key element of that is a tax system that ensures fairness to everyone while providing the necessary resources to assure enhanced quality of life and public safety.

As mayor, I will institute zero-based budgeting. Departments should present a budget to the council justifying each budget line item and revisiting all job descriptions regularly to assure we have the most efficient and cost-effective government possible. We need to constantly evaluate the administrative structure of the city and do a more proactive job in planning and coordinating the various activities of the city departments.

The mayor needs to work in a spirit of cooperation with the city’s various bargaining units to assure our city employees are treated fairly and with respect while providing the best services our community can afford.

Public Safety

We have a serious drug problem in our city that has led to isolated violent crime all born of a lack of hope. While not unique to Danville, it is our responsibility to hit this problem head on.  One of the great accomplishments of Mayor Eisenhauer’s time in office was the creation of neighborhood groups.  Other citizens groups have also formed to specifically address these issues. Public safety officers should be seen as a positive influence in our neighborhoods.  As mayor, I will work with the police and fire departments and our citizens to identify solutions and target resources to provide safety for all of Danville’s citizens.

Business Relations

The key to any community’s success is building a strong business base. The mayor must be a leader in attracting and retaining businesses that provide employment for our citizens and goods and services to our area, our region and the world. The mayor must take an active role in assuring the city’s policies and procedures do not hinder growth.

Public Pensions

The city is committed to insuring that all our retirees continue to receive the full pension benefits due to them.  We will work with other municipalities in the state to assure that rules governing this big chunk of our annual budget are fair to our retirees and to all of Danville’s citizens.


The mayor’s office needs to constantly communicate with aldermen and directly with the public.  If elected, I will set aside time monthly for one-on-one meetings with each alderman to allow direct communication with the people’s representatives.  As part of these meetings, I would specifically review the agenda of the various committees with the chairmen before the agenda are finalized. 

Four times a year there is a fifth Tuesday in the month.  I would reserve those for study sessions that will be held in accessible locations throughout the city. No formal action would be taken at these meetings but they will offer an opportunity for open dialog with the full council in a less formal atmosphere.  At those quarterly meetings the administration would present a thorough fiscal review on where we stand in comparison to the budget and discuss topics of public concern.

We will evaluate City Hall office hours to be sure we are there when the public needs to do business with the city.

Term Limits

I believe that we should consider term limits for mayor to assure a fresh perspective to deal with the constantly changing needs of our community.  

Qualified Candidate

I have been a small business owner and I have worked for a corporation overseeing over 400 employees and 30 managers. I have served as one of fourteen aldermen on the Danville City Council since 1993 and serve as chairman of the Public Services Committee. Through my years as a leader in business and city government, I believe I am the most qualified candidate to address the challenges and opportunities facing Danville today. Together we will succeed and grow a community we are proud to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

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