I am a Danville native and have lived most of my 64 years here. My family and I have lived in every ward in Danville allowing me the opportunity to understand the varied challenges and points of view of our citizens.

I attended Douglas, Grant and Fairchild Elementary schools, East Park Junior High School and Danville High School. I graduated from DACC and I have a Bachelor of Arts in social science/history from SMWC.

My working career began mowing lawns for neighbors on May Street using the lawn mower my father provided in exchange for doing our own yard work. I was a carrier for the Commercial-News often finishing my route and then helping a friend finish his. I started working at Steak ‘n Shake restaurants, where my parents worked before me, at the age of 15 as a fountain operator and worked my way up to district manager over 10 Central Illinois restaurants from Danville to Peoria responsible for over 400 employees and 30 managers. My work experience has also included working for the U.S. Census Bureau, H & R Block and the Department of Corrections in addition to owning and operating a small restaurant in Downtown Danville.

I have been honored to serve as alderman for Ward 6 in Danville since 1993 and as chairman of the city’s Public Services committee.  I served as a board member for Danville’s Renaissance Initiative and currently serve as vice-president for the board governing the Fischer Theatre. Through the years, I have been involved in various planning committees focused on the future of our schools and of our city as a whole.

My wife, Carol, and I have been married for 42 years and raised our daughter, Cindy, in Danville encouraging her to stay here and be involved in the community. Cindy and her husband, Gardner Peck, live in Danville with our two beautiful granddaughters, Caroline and Joanna. Carol worked for the Commercial-News for many years, is currently the director of the Illinois Small Business Development Center at DACC and is a long-time member of the Downtown Danville, Inc. board. Cindy is the executive director of the Vermilion Healthcare Foundation and a teacher at DACC. She has served on the board of directors of Danville Light Opera and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Both Cindy and Caroline are active in area community theater.

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